# Architecture Decision Records (ADR)

This is a location to record all high-level architecture decisions in the ibc-go project.

You can read more about the ADR concept in this blog post (opens new window).

An ADR should provide:

  • Context on the relevant goals and the current state
  • Proposed changes to achieve the goals
  • Summary of pros and cons
  • References
  • Changelog

Note the distinction between an ADR and a spec. The ADR provides the context, intuition, reasoning, and justification for a change in architecture, or for the architecture of something new. The spec is much more compressed and streamlined summary of everything as it is or should be.

If recorded decisions turned out to be lacking, convene a discussion, record the new decisions here, and then modify the code to match.

Note the context/background should be written in the present tense.

To suggest an ADR, please make use of the ADR template provided.

# Table of Contents

ADR # Description Status
001 ICS-20 coin denomination format Accepted, Implemented
002 Go module versioning Accepted
003 ICS27 acknowledgement format Accepted
004 ICS29 module locking upon escrow out of balance Accepted
008 Callback to IBC ACtors Accepted
015 IBC Packet Routing Accepted
025 IBC passive channels Deprecated
026 IBC client recovery mechansisms Accepted
027 Wasm based light clients Accepted