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An overview of all events related to the callbacks middleware. There are two types of events, "ibc_src_callback" and "ibc_dest_callback".

Shared Attributes

Both of these event types share the following attributes:

Attribute KeyAttribute ValuesOptional
callback_typeOne of: "send_packet", "acknowledgement_packet", "timeout_packet", "receive_packet"
callback_exec_gas_limitstring (parsed from uint64)
callback_commit_gas_limitstring (parsed from uint64)
packet_sequencestring (parsed from uint64)
callback_resultOne of: "success", "failure"
callback_errorstring (parsed from callback err)Yes, if err != nil

ibc_src_callback Attributes

Attribute KeyAttribute Values
packet_src_portstring (sourcePortID)
packet_src_channelstring (sourceChannelID)

ibc_dest_callback Attributes

Attribute KeyAttribute Values
packet_dest_portstring (destPortID)
packet_dest_channelstring (destChannelID)