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Scaffold a Cosmos SDK blockchain with Ignite

In this tutorial, we will not be going through the process of creating a Cosmos SDK module. Instead, we will integrate the ICS-29 Fee Middleware into an existing Cosmos SDK blockchain. Scaffold the blockchain without any custom modules using the following command.

ignite scaffold chain foo --no-module

This will create a new blockchain in the foo directory. The foo directory will contain these files and directories. Verify that this chain runs with

cd foo
ignite chain serve --reset-once

Once it is running quit by pressing q. This blockchain comes with Cosmos SDK v0.47.3 and IBC-Go v7.1.0. We can update Cosmos SDK to its latest patch version and update IBC-Go to its latest minor version by running these two commands.

go get && go mod tidy

go get && go mod tidy

Feel free to test that the chain still runs with ignite chain serve --reset-once. Do not forget to quit by pressing q.