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Version: v4.6.x



Learn about Interchain Accounts transaction execution

Executing a transaction

As described in Authentication Modules transactions are executed using the interchain accounts controller API and require a Base Application as outlined in ICS30 IBC Middleware to facilitate authentication. The method of authentication remains unspecified to provide flexibility for the authentication module developer.

Transactions are executed via the ICS27 SendTx API. This must be invoked through an Interchain Accounts authentication module and follows the outlined path of execution below. Packet relaying semantics provided by the IBC core transport, authentication, and ordering (IBC/TAO) layer are omitted for brevity.



As the Interchain Accounts module supports the execution of multiple transactions using the Cosmos SDK Msg interface, it provides the same atomicity guarantees as Cosmos SDK-based applications, leveraging the CacheMultiStore architecture provided by the Context type.

This provides atomic execution of transactions when using Interchain Accounts, where state changes are only committed if all Msgs succeed.