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Version: v4.6.x



A fungible token cross chain transfer is achieved by using the MsgTransfer:

type MsgTransfer struct {
SourcePort string
SourceChannel string
Token sdk.Coin
Sender string
Receiver string
TimeoutHeight ibcexported.Height
TimeoutTimestamp uint64
Memo string

This message is expected to fail if:

This message will send a fungible token to the counterparty chain represented by the counterparty Channel End connected to the Channel End with the identifiers SourcePort and SourceChannel.

The denomination provided for transfer should correspond to the same denomination represented on this chain. The prefixes will be added as necessary upon by the receiving chain.


The memo field was added to allow applications and users to attach metadata to transfer packets. The field is optional and may be left empty. When it is used to attach metadata for a particular middleware, the memo field should be represented as a json object where different middlewares use different json keys.

You can find more information about applications that use the memo field in the chain registry.