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Version: v4.6.x

For end users


Learn how to incentivize IBC packets using the ICS29 Fee Middleware module.

Pre-requisite readings


Different types of end users:

  • CLI users who want to manually incentivize IBC packets
  • Client developers

The Fee Middleware module allows end users to add a 'tip' to each IBC packet which will incentivize relayer operators to relay packets between chains. gRPC endpoints are exposed for client developers as well as a simple CLI for manually incentivizing IBC packets.

CLI Users

For an in depth guide on how to use the ICS29 Fee Middleware module using the CLI please take a look at the wiki on the ibc-go repo.

Client developers

Client developers can read more about the relevant ICS29 message types in the Fee messages section.

CosmJS is a useful client library for signing and broadcasting Cosmos SDK messages.